Evaluation and Advisory

A partner who understands the regulatory landscape and is aligned with your goals for market success is invaluable.

CECET simplifies the path to compliance by connecting you with technical experts who can help you navigate certification requirements and provide support to address product failures.

When you are getting ready for product compliance, here’s how CECET can help:

Design reviews to identify technical issues and improve marketability

Eliminate certification delays or failures with design reviews early in the process to avoid expensive re-design.

Assist in understanding and complying with standards

With strategically chosen members in its network, CECET is in a position to guide you through regulatory standards and put you on the path to successful certification.

Unique Solution for new application of technology

When standards do not exist or need adaptation for market commercialization we can provide solutions. CECET helps remove barriers to certification and has the right connections and expertise to simplify the compliance process for you.